Short Video Creation Services [50 - 1,000 Videos]

Short Video Creation Services [50 - 1,000 Videos]

Promote Panel is the best choice for outsourcing video editing when you don't have time or bandwidth to handle it in-house. With our video maker services, you will get videos that fit your requirements which you can publish on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, your blog, and place on your website.

Professional videos made for you, by our team

We are a professional video editing agency that specializes in helping local businesses to increase their online visibility and revenues through video editing.

Service Prices

Internet Rate: 1GB = 1$

Hourly Rate: 1Hour = 1.5$

Package #1 (50 Videos)


- Download 50 Videos No Logo (Time: 1hour + Internet: 500MB)

- Download 50 Audios (Time: 30 mins + Internet: 250MB)

- Upload 50 New Videos (Time: 30 mins + Internet: 500MB)

- Remove Old Audios (Time: 30mins)

- Add New Audios (Time: 30 mins)

- Rotate Videos [Left to Right] (Time: 30mins)

- Rename All Videos (Time: 30mins)

** Time: 4 Hours = 6$ , Internet: 1.25GB

=> Total Price: 7.25$

Add-on Features


- Custom Merge Videos [ 2, 4, 6, 10 ] (Time: 30 mins = 0.75$)

Watch Tutorial

Please check out the video below for further detail.

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- Wing/Truemoney/E-money: 086616465

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