TikTok Go Livestream With OBS [Live Streaming Tool]

TikTok Go Livestream With OBS [Live Streaming Tool]

By using TikTok Live Stream Tool, you can stay connected with your followers in real-time and raise money for charities through donation stickers.

List Benefits of TikTok Live Streaming: 


- Grow more audience 

- Live your videos loop in TikTok 

- Sell Products with Brand Ads 

- Stay connected with your followers in real-time 

- Raise money for charities through donation stickers 

- Amazing Tool for TikTok users and earners, etc.

Watch Tutorial Below

We will help you take your social media presence to another level.

👉 Live Stream on Tiktok with OBS step-by-step that must follow:


1. Install OBS live stream on your computer (Click Download our OBS Here)

2. Install App 淦直播 Gan Live on your phone (Click Download 淦直播 Gan Live App Here)

3. And Install Tiktok app same as mobile phone

👉 How does it's work?


Step 0: Open your OBS in your PC then Set your stream => Setting => Stream => Choose Custome server (hang it on here will return on step 4)

Step 1: Log in Tiktok account that has a live stream button, click Go LIVE

Step 2: Close Tiktok then clear cache

Step 3: Open 淦直播 Gan Live then click on Rocket after clicking on Crystal.

You will get the 7 code pop up on your phone screen

Back to your OBS

Step 4: Fill it by

- Server: GZB

- Stream Key: (7digit number pop up on your screen)

On your phone screen click ok

Step 5: Click on button 主播不在线点我  (#3)

👉 Check your stream on the web and then enjoy your custom live from OBS. Enjoy!

** This Software will work only with TikTok Account that has Live Button (Supported Country Only).

Monthly Price

Only 30$ for 1 month (Professional)

🔥 Payment Methods 🔥

Paypal: Click Here Contact Supporter

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After making payment, please join this telegram group @TikTokLiveStream and screenshot your receipt. You will get the QR Key from our supporter immediately.

You can contact our supporter here if you have any doubts or want to take a try.